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Life Balance Assessment

Life Balance Assessment



  1. If someone were to take a bird’s eye view of your schedule or daily activities, would that “glimpse,” reflect what is truly important to you?
  2. Do you participate in a daily ritual that enables you to take time out for yourself?
  3. Does your investment of time and energy in work, family and friends balance with the amount of time and energy you spend on yourself?
  4. Are you able to leave “work” at the office?
  5. Do you feel in control of your schedule?
  6. Do you take and fully enjoy vacations?
  7. Is there time and room in your schedule for regular exercise and physical activity?
  8. Do you have time for a social life?
  9. Do you feel in control of your career?
  10. Can you happily and healthily sustain this pace for 5 years or more?

If you often feel out of balance and you answered “NO” to more than three questions, you probably would benefit from making some changes toward balancing your life.

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