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InSite Executive and Leadership Coaching Process

Our coaching process focuses on helping our clients build core communication, interpersonal, cultural competence, leadership, and management skills thereby developing a greater sense of self-awareness. We believe this is the foundation for success in one's professional and personal life.

The Coaching is offered for a six to twelve month period and is designed to meet the scheduling needs of the client. Although customized to meet our client's objectives, we strive to incorporate key competencies designed to assist each individual to develop more fully as a leader.

Each phase builds upon the information and insights gained in the previous phase. Together we will develop an InSite Development Plan,tm customized to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Phase I: Connection

The key to a great coaching relationship is the rapport between the coach and client. Let's discuss your needs and determine whether there is a good fit. Call the office at 704-763-5164 to set something up, or click the icon to send an e-mail: Send us an email

Phase II: Assessment

We use an Inside--Out approach that begins by assessing and developing clarity around who you are and what you and your organization want to achieve. We'll explore your professional and personal values, work expectations along with who you are as a leader, peer, communicator, coach, problem-solver and overall member of your organization.

Next, we'll examine core skills as they relate to those around you...outside of you. We'll examine how you relate to peers, managers, direct reports and others throughout your organization. "Where do you excel?" "How can you improve?" "What can you do differently" are just a sample of the questions we'll explore throughout the coaching relationship.

Clients will be assessed in key competencies for leadership. The use of non-judgmental assessments are designed to assist clients in understanding how to better lead and manage by evaluating the following areas. We may use one or a combination of assessments to evaluate your:

  • Listening, Communication and Feedback skills
  • Interpersonal Skills: People reading, adapting, building trust with others
  • Team Work and Team Building
  • Leadership and Management skills
  • Cultural Competence and Diversity
  • Personal Behavioral Style and Problem Solving
  • Self Management: Time Mastery, Stress Management and Work/Life Balance
  • Ability to effectively meet Organizational Goals and Objectives

The information obtained from initial evaluations and assessments will help us to set goals and measure behavioral changes and overall outcomes.

Phase III: Evaluate and Design

We will evaluate the outcome of the assessments and our initial discussions and design the coaching relationship. We'll develop a strategy to best achieve your goals and strengthen core executive and leadership competencies.

Phase IV: InSite Development Plan

Together, you and your Coach will develop a customized plan designed to fit your unique behavioral and work style. The goal is to create an action and development plan to help move you towards success.

Phase V: Sessions

The coaching sessions are conducted in one 30-40 minute session each week. Frequency of sessions depends upon your needs. Sessions can take place over the phone or in-person, if feasible. You'll be asked to bring real-world, real-time challenges to our coaching sessions to gain immediate insight into new ways of handling these situations. All information shared with your Coach will be held strictly confidential.

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