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Group Coaching

In Group Coaching, you'll have the opportunity to both receive coaching and benefit from the successes and challenges of the other group participants. It is a way to receive double the coaching at less than 1/2 the cost!

Your professional Certified coach is your champion, trainer, sounding board, mentor, supporter, conscience, co-designer and partner in achieving your goals. In Group Coaching, you get all that plus a small circle of fellow "coachees," dedicated to sharing their insight and support. There can be tremendous power and self-empowerment in a group.

How are Group Coaching Sessions Conducted?
Sessions are held on a tele-conference line. You will be given an access number to call into a telephone bridge line upon the receipt of your registration.

Is Group Coaching the right choice for me?

   "Yes," if:

  • You feel stuck or unsure dealing with some life challenges and would like to brainstorm confidentially with people in similar situations.
  • You want to quickly gain access to multiple perspectives on a situation.
  • You would like a less expensive alternative to regular one-on-one coaching but still benefit from working with a professional coach.

   "No," if:

  • You are uncomfortable sharing and learning with a group.
  • You are unwilling to commit yourself to regular coaching sessions.
  • You want the undivided attention of your coach.
Is Group Coaching for YOU?
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Would You Like to Learn More About Group Coaching?
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