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  • Feel stuck in an unfulfilling job or career?
  • Wake up most Monday's with a serious case of the blues?
  • Long to use your gifts and talents at work?
  • Know that there is better work/life for you but have no idea what?
  • Feel confused or unclear about what you should be doing?

You can benefit from coaching

  • Dream of owning your own business but need support?
  • Allow fear to hold you back from living a more purposeful?
  • Long to create work or a business that pays well and that you enjoy?
  • Feel fed up with just going through the motions day to day?
  • Feel like you are wasting your life?

Everyone can benefit from coaching

If you answered, "Yes," to any of these questions, and are committed to making a change - then Personal Life Coaching is for you!

Coaching is a powerful tool for change. Through Professional Life Coaching, InSite can help you:

  • Discover your passion, hidden talents and purpose
  • Create work that is personally fulfilling
  • Successfully navigate a career transition
  • Recover from a recent lay-off and end up better than before!
  • Position yourself for a promotion or for "what's next".
  • Revitalize a stagnant career
  • Acquire inner and outer tools to help you confront and overcome those challenges that keep you stuck
  • Increase your bottom line
  • Create balance between your professional and personal life...and much more

Structured for Results

Effective Coaching helps you gain insight and provides structure as you make personal and professional changes. I provide my clients with a three-step, InSite Coaching Process(tm):

  • Step 1: InSite and Clarity(tm) - Create a clear vision.
  • Step 2: InSite Success Plan(tm) - Develop a personalized action plan in alignment with your values.
  • Step 3: InSiteful Implementation(tm) - "Do it!" Work your plan with insight and accountability.

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