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on Personal Coaching

What is Coaching?

Professional coaching is an ongoing partnership with a trained Coach that helps you produce outstanding results in your personal and professional life. Through the process of coaching, you improve your performance and enhance your quality of life.

Coaching accelerates your progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where you are today and what you are willing to do to get where you want to be tomorrow. Having a Coach is like having a fitness trainer for your life! What part of your personal or professional life would you like to get into better shape?

What is my job as your coach?

As your Coach my job is to help you identify what it is you want, and then assist you in establishing clear, concrete and measurable goals for making achieving what you want. In addition I:
  • Help you set clear personal and professional goals and hold you accountable for achieving those goals.
  • Ask you to do more than you would normally do on your own by providing the tools, support and structure to ensure your success.
  • Provide the focus and clarity necessary to keep you motivated as you work to make significant change in your life.
  • Help you eliminate or minimize limiting beliefs or habits that sabotage your success.

Why would you hire a Coach?

People hire a Coach when they are ready for change. Many of my clients have hired me as their Coach to help them:
  • Create a life that is more balanced, spiritual and joyful
  • Make a successful career transition or start a new business
  • Set healthier priorities and goal based on their personal values
  • Discover their life purpose
  • Strengthen communication and relationship skills

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How can you benefit from coaching?

Steer your own courseThrough coaching, you have the opportunity to learn more about yourself in terms of what motivates you, what your values are and to what you are truly committed. By learning more about yourself, you can then begin the process of creating a personal and professional life that is deeply satisfying and fulfilling. You become better able to set realistic and satisfying goals. Instead of setting goals that require you to struggle, through coaching you learn how to set value based goals that naturally pull and attract you.

A major challenge many of us face in attaining our goals is fear. Through coaching you will learn strategies and techniques for staying in action despite fear. You will develop methods of circumventing fear and/or any limiting beliefs that keep you from fulfilling your potential.

Clients report that with Coaching they:
  • Are more proactive and self-directed
  • Develop a clearer vision of what they want to accomplish
  • Achieve a better quality of life, are more peaceful and fulfilled
  • Excel at work
  • Create healthier relationships
  • Achieve more in less time and with less effort
  • Have more time for the things that are important
  • Develop more effective communication and managerial skills

What results have other people seen?

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How is coaching conducted?

We hold weekly 30-minute coaching sessions at a regularly scheduled day and time. For the sake of convenience, sessions are held over the phone. You phone the Coach, and during each session your Coach works with you to further your goals, action steps, discuss challenges, successes and "what's next." All information shared during coaching is held completely confidential pursuant to the ethical guidelines created by the International Coaches Federation.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Anyone who is committed to his or her success can benefit from coaching!

How do you go about choosing a Coach?

Ask friends and family for a referral. In deciding to hire a Coach, request a complimentary session first to see if there is a "fit". Also in addition to the other questions you may have, find out whether the Coach:
  1. Has received training from an ICF (International Coaches' Federation) accredited training institute,
  2. Has been certified by the ICF or an accredited training institute
  3. Is being coached and/or is involved in ongoing personal and professional development
  4. Is a member of the International Coaches Federation.

For more information, check out the ICF website at

Our Coaching programs are geared to help you achieve greater fulfillment and purpose in your professional life while assisting you to create a more rewarding personal life. We provide you with inner and outer tools to help you confront and overcome challenges that up to now...have prevented you from moving forward.

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