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Customized Training Solutions

InSite Training Programs and Processes

Change is a process that takes time. Organizations must commit to a process in order to achieve desired changes. InSite's Training Processes are customized to help organizations meet strategic objectives.

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Custom solutions tailored to your needs

Executive Coaching ensures learning retention

From experience, we've learned that Coaching is an effective way to ensure that the skills and processes learned in training are effectively applied in real life circumstances.

This training/coaching process is an effective way to assist teams, executives, managers and leaders to successfully achieve, and quite often exceed, their goals. A recent survey by the Manchester Group measured the Return on Investment (ROI) of 100 Fortune 1000 company managers and executives who had received customized Coaching and training. The survey found customized corporate coaching to return an average of six times the cost of the coaching program, with an average estimated savings of more than $100,000.

Achieve real productivity gains

A customized coaching and training program can significantly increase your company's employee and managerial productivity because it is:

  • Results-oriented
  • A collaborative process and
  • Focused on real world implementation.

For a complimentary consultation and assessment of your organization's needs, challenges and/or goals, please contact us! Call 704-763-5164, or email us.

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